Surfaces, Volumes, and Devices

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Don’t look, said Mercier.

The sound is enough, said Camier.

—Samuel Beckett

Domestic Landscape: Interior I

Contextually specific sound installation designed for the ‘Sala delle Medaglie’ at Palazzo Zenobio (current Armenian College), Venice, within the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media Technology Venice, Italy.

In the recursive and autorewinding form of a conversation between two invisible characters during a dinner served at Sala delle Medaglie, shreds of memories combine with fragments of stories tied to Armenian life and culture.

Connecting Space, Time and Identity, the installation offers an anthropological perspective on landscape, memory, and history.

(July 2010)


Breathing Room

„Small is OK" Atelier Bow Wow (Japan)

In an intimate world of sound, activated with a simple breath (a blow) of a visitor, a multiplicity of new sound sources magically invade the room, acoustically creating micro spaces within the existing space: a loose, fluctuating volumetric structure – a dome of sound, which elevation, richness of resonance and time of reverberation are the projections of the initial gesture’s intentionality – hovers (condenses) for a short moment in the center of the room and then dissolves without leaving a trace.

A study of perception as inherently spatial. The notion of ‚felt volume’ as a sculptural experience. Temporalization of space. Transparency.

Ethereal constructions with air pressure. Sound as a radical form of materiality.

(2009- ongoing)

Music For Distances

Proposal for Historisches Museum Baden (Switzerland) within DAS OHR DER ZEIT- Projektwettbewerb- Klangintervention im Historisches Museum Baden.

Specifically designed for the spaces of Landvogteischloss, 'Music for Distances' is a particular chordal environment, based on a different notion of borders.

Entirely made with pre-recorded sounds, rich in locational specificity, from the metallic stairway in the Erweiterungsbau’s main entrance, the environment starts with the resonance of the spiral staircase, obtained through low frequencies (volumetric and omni-directional) emitted by two Subwoofers, to continue on the four floors of the castle, situating rays of medium-high, linear frequencies using prepared hyper-directional loudspeakers (a few of them provided with lenses) in order to create unique spaces of listening defined by dynamic, flexible boundaries.

In a quasi-improvisation with space –which becomes an extended, ramified instrument–, visitors will move in and out of varied zones of dynamics and harmonic timbres, in a continuous shift in volume and sound according to their pace and orientation.

An architectural performance through a nomadic listening experience.

(2009, unrealized proposal)


Espaces Multiples

four-month research residency in Paris within the „Progetto Professionalità I.Becchi“ 2007 supported by Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia (Italy) in conjuction with Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

The residency combined artistic research on temporal and spatial multidimensionality for mixed media staged performances and concert-installations with professional training, including advanced studies in Composition & Théâtre Musical (Prof.Georges Aperghis) at Hochschule der Künste Bern (Switzerland), and the „Stages Formation Professionnelle Interaction Temps Réel“ at IRCAM, Paris.


Many Doors Are Now Open

concert-installation in conjuction with Irish visual artist Aideen Barry, showed at the New Media Institute of The Banff Centre (Canada) during the Winter Career Development Residency, Music and Sound Program 2007.

Presenting ’site specific’ versions of acoustical pieces by J.Tenney and A.Lucier -performed live during the show- , the work investigates the use of space as a large, extended instrument.

Acoustically activating the interiors of the gallery, it creates an immersive and vibrant sculptural presence of harmonic resonances.

Light, suspended video projections, that sway -fluctuate- at the visitors’s passage, enrich an interesting vocabulary of sound, space and perception.